Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 09 West Michigan Junior Strings Registration Open
Jan 11 Marketing Committee Meeting
Jan 19 ACWL Board Meeting
Jan 20 Soiree Dinners at Cichetti's
Jan 31 Arts Council of White Lake Presents Chicago Symphony Violist Robert Swan
Feb 08 Marketing Committee Meeting
Feb 16 ACWL Board Meeting
Feb 17 Soiree Dinners at Cichetti's
Feb 28 Arts Council of White Lake Presents Artist Scott Mack
Mar 04 Change of Seasons Reception
Mar 08 Marketing Committee Meeting
Mar 16 ACWL Board Meeting
Mar 17 Soiree Dinners at Cichetti's
Mar 18 Cookies and Canvas
Mar 25 White Lake Guitar Festival 2017
Mar 25 Billy McLaughlin Community Concert
Mar 27 Charlotte's Web Auditions
Mar 28 Charlotte's Web Auditions
Mar 28 Arts Council of White Lake Presents Garrett Potter
Apr 02 FREE GVSU Chamber Orchestra Concert
Apr 04 Growing Gardens
Apr 04 Teen Poetry Workshop
Apr 05 Growing Gardens
Apr 05 Teen Poetry Workshop
Apr 06 Growing Gardens
Apr 06 Teen Poetry Workshop
Apr 06 Poetry Reading
Apr 11 Favorite Poetry Event
Apr 12 Marketing Committee Meeting
Apr 12 Take HeART Event: Fundraiser
Apr 13 New Visions Opening Reception
Apr 13 Gypsy Schindler Artist Reception
Apr 18 Spring Necklace Craft
Apr 19 Teen Open Studio
Apr 20 Watercolor
Apr 20 Pot Party
Apr 20 ACWL Board Meeting
Apr 21 Soiree Dinners at Cichetti's
Apr 22 Cookies and Canvas
Apr 22 White Lake Young Artist Solo Competition
Apr 22 White Lake Young Artist Solo Performance
Apr 26 Teen Open Studio
Apr 26 Wire Wrap Necklaces
Apr 27 Watercolor
May 02 Acrylic on Panel
May 03 Teen Open Studio
May 03 Acrylic on Panel
May 04 Jackson Pollock Painting
May 04 Watercolor
May 04 Mosaic Shoe
May 05 Mosaic Shoe
May 09 Acting and Movement
May 10 Teen Open Studio
May 10 Marketing Committee Meeting
May 10 Take HeART Event: Fundraiser
May 11 Jackson Pollock Painting
May 16 Acting and Movement
May 17 Teen Open Studio
May 18 Jackson Pollock Painting
May 18 ACWL Board Meeting
May 20 Cookies and Canvas
May 23 Acting and Movement
May 23 West Michigan Junior Strings Spring Recital
May 25 Jackson Pollock Painting
Jun 01 Blue Exhibition Opening Reception
Jun 03 Artisan Market
Jun 03 Evening of Elegance
Jun 14 Marketing Committee Meeting
Jun 15 ACWL Board Meeting
Jun 20 Fairytale Move and Groove
Jun 21 Fairytale Move and Groove
Jun 22 Fairytale Move and Groove
Jun 23 "Friends of the Festival" Home Concert at the Wheatons
Jun 24 Cookies and Canvas
Jul 01 Artisan Market
Jul 06 Pottery Confessions Opening Reception
Jul 06 Skateboards Opening Reception
Jul 12 Marketing Committee Meeting
Jul 15 Jazz at the Swan
Jul 20 ACWL Board Meeting
Aug 03 White Lake Chamber Music Festival
Aug 03 Tales & Fables Opening Reception
Aug 05 Artisan Market
Aug 09 Marketing Committee Meeting
Aug 17 ACWL Board Meeting
Sep 02 Artisan Market
Sep 07 Flow Opening Reception
Sep 13 Marketing Committee Meeting
Sep 21 ACWL Board Meeting
Oct 11 Marketing Committee Meeting
Oct 19 ACWL Board Meeting
Oct 26 Fall Into the Arts
Nov 08 Marketing Committee Meeting
Nov 16 ACWL Board Meeting
Dec 13 Marketing Committee Meeting
Dec 21 ACWL Board Meeting
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