Year: 2018

1January, 2018
Jan 04 Beginning Watercolor
Jan 05 Watercolor Techniques
Jan 09 Pastel Abstracts
Jan 10 Marketing Committee Meeting
Jan 11 Inspired by the Masters
Jan 11 Beginning Watercolor
Jan 12 Watercolor Techniques
Jan 16 Pastel Abstracts
Jan 17 Needle Felting: Penguin
Jan 18 Inspired by the Masters
Jan 18 Beginning Watercolor
Jan 18 ACWL Board Meeting
Jan 19 Watercolor Techniques
Jan 23 Pastel Abstracts
Jan 25 Inspired by the Masters
Jan 25 Beginning Watercolor
Jan 25 White Lake Area Ukulele Players
Jan 26 Watercolor Techniques
Jan 27 Cookies and Canvas
Jan 30 Fabric Bookmarks
Feb 01 Handmade Valentines
Feb 06 Art Explorers
Feb 07 Pet Painting
Feb 08 Art Journaling
Feb 09 Essential Oil Bath Salts
Feb 13 Art Explorers
Feb 13 The Gina Jam Band at Nuveen
Feb 14 Marketing Committee Meeting
Feb 15 Art Journaling
Feb 15 ACWL Board Meeting
Feb 20 Art Explorers
Feb 20 Mug Shots: Mobile Phone Photography
Feb 21 Needle Felting: Mermaid
Feb 21 Flower Sconces at Pub One Eleven
Feb 22 Art Journaling
Feb 23 Wire Wrap Necklace
Feb 24 Cookies and Canvas
Feb 24 Preparing for Auditions
Feb 25 Preparing for Auditions
Feb 27 Art Explorers
Feb 27 Flower Headband
Feb 28 White Lake Area Ukulele Players
Mar 01 Art Journaling
Mar 01 Watercolor Techniques
Mar 05 Beginning Crochet: Infinity Scarf
Mar 07 Dream Catcher at Pub One Eleven
Mar 08 Art Journaling
Mar 08 Watercolor Techniques
Mar 10 Change of Seasons Reception
Mar 12 Beginning Crochet: Infinity Scarf
Mar 14 Marketing Committee Meeting
Mar 15 Watercolor Techniques
Mar 15 ACWL Board Meeting
Mar 16 Felted Geode
Mar 17 Felted Geode
Mar 19 Beginning Crochet: Infinity Scarf
Mar 19 Pet Painting (Muskegon Humane Society Fundraiser)
Mar 20 Jam Band at the Nuveen Center
Mar 22 Watercolor Techniques
Mar 22 Ukulele Strum
Mar 24 Cookies and Canvas
Mar 27 Unicorn Headband
Mar 28 Needle Felting- Sheep
Apr 03 A Bug's Life
Apr 03 Tie-Dye Spring Break Camp
Apr 03 Wire Sculpture
Apr 04 A Bug's Life
Apr 04 Tie-Dye Spring Break Camp
Apr 04 Wire Sculpture
Apr 04 Fresh Herb Pot Hanger
Apr 05 A Bug's Life
Apr 05 Tie-Dye Spring Break Camp
Apr 05 Wire Sculpture
Apr 06 Pastel Sun
Apr 11 Art Club at Ealy
Apr 11 Intro to Pastels
Apr 11 After School Art at Oehrli
Apr 11 Marketing Committee Meeting
Apr 12 Mosaic Letters
Apr 18 Art Club at Ealy
Apr 18 After School Art at Oehrli
Apr 18 Chain Maille Bracelets at Pub One-Eleven
Apr 19 Emerging Artists Opening Reception
Apr 19 ACWL Board Meeting
Apr 20 Earth Day Craft
Apr 23 Pet Painting
Apr 25 Art Club at Ealy
Apr 25 After School Art at Oehrli
Apr 25 Felted Bluebird
Apr 26 Ukulele Strum
Apr 28 Cookies and Canvas
May 02 Art Club at Ealy
May 02 Charcoal Self-Portrait
May 09 Marketing Committee Meeting
May 09 Charcoal Self-Portrait
May 10 ACWL on Tap
May 11 Wood Burning
May 14 Pet Scratch Board
May 16 Needle Felting: Chickadee
May 17 ACWL Board Meeting
May 18 Wood Burning
May 21 Pet Scratch Board
May 24 Painting at Gary's
May 29 Paint Together
Jun 13 Marketing Committee Meeting
Jun 21 ACWL Board Meeting
Jun 28 On the Beach Reception
Jul 11 Marketing Committee Meeting
Jul 19 ACWL Board Meeting
Aug 08 Marketing Committee Meeting
Aug 16 ACWL Board Meeting
Sep 12 Marketing Committee Meeting
Sep 20 ACWL Board Meeting
Oct 10 Marketing Committee Meeting
Oct 18 ACWL Board Meeting
Oct 25 Fall Into the Arts Reception
Nov 14 Marketing Committee Meeting
Nov 15 ACWL Board Meeting
Dec 12 Marketing Committee Meeting
Dec 20 ACWL Board Meeting
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