Mary Ackley-Chauvez

Photography // Muskegon, MI

Mary Ackley-Chauvez's photographs are inspired by her life in a small West Michigan town. She considers every day/every season as a gift with something special to offer. She sees endless photo opportunities in the world around her, capturing images of Lake Michigan, flowers, and animals.

Mary Beahm 

Photography // Hart, MI


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Margaret Billups 


Linda Busse 

Watercolor // Montague, MI

Ruth Bolles 

Stained Glass // Muskegon, MI


Ferrel Cordle 


Lois Cordle 

Glass Jewelry 


Bette DelVecchio

Mixed Media 

Janelle Farkas 

Leather // Montague, MI


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Linda Foley 

Watercolor // Montague, MI


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Suzanne Frederick 

Pastel // Muskegon

Suzanne Fredrick's pastel creations are inspired by the world around. Her interest is in animal portraiture and her detailed creations pay tribute to the many animals in her own life. 


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Cat Jackson

Lino/Woodblock Prints and Paint

Cat Jackson, painter and printmaker, finds inspiration in nature, pop culture, and good vs. evil.  Her work often focuses on portraits of people in her mind, her love of animals, female power and justice.Cat lives in Norton Shores with her fab hubby and epic spawn.



Andrew Jagniecki

Lino/Woodblock Prints



Brad Johnson 

Wood //

Peter Johnson 

Ceramic/Pottery // Whitehall, MI


No pictures to show


Roycine Kin

Watercolor // Fremont, MI


No pictures to show


Michelle Kunze 

Illustrator // Montague, MI

Linda Lamoreaux 

Jewelry // Whitehall, MI

Linda Lamoreaux's jewelry has become a tradition of the White Lake area and in a variety of styles there is something for everyone. Her work is inspired by color and texture.

Jay Luptak 

Photography // Whitehall, MI

Jay Luptak, digital photographer and Whitehall resident, combines wardrobe design and technically profound digital manipulation to create seamless images. Her work explores the complexity of relationships and the concept of self through a unique visual narrative.



Check out her artist video

Carl Luther 

Graphite & Photography // Muskegon, MI

Carl Luther is His finished pieces utilize both photography and graphite drawings.

Lori McElrath Eslick 

Oil and Acrylic Paint // North Muskegon, MI

Lori McElrath Eslick's paintings are inspired by the beauty found in nature, community, and family as the embody the warmth of West Michigan living. 


Chris McKinley-Dahl 

Fiber // Holland, MI


No pictures to show


Maribeth Morby 

Glass // Montague, MI

Maribeth Morby has been creating glass beads for the last 10 years. The danger of the torch provides an edge while the precision and control needed for making beads, provides a calming center. Combine those elements with the chemistry and properties of glass and you have an art form that is always challenging and thrilling. She applies yarn skills to wire, creating unique necklaces and bracelets which showcase her beads. 

Suzanne Moynihan 

Wire Sculpture and Jewelry // Spring Lake, MI


Charles Norkoli 


Cara O'Brien 

Porcelain Jewelry // Whitehall, MI



William Randall 

Pastel & Acrylic // North Muskegon, MI

Check out his artist video


No pictures to show


Bernadine Rolnicki 



No pictures to show


Marilyn Ryan 

Fiber // Whitehall, MI

With 25 years of weaving experience Marilyn Ryan's creations are unique and beautifully constructed. She uses a variety of materials, including some recycled fibers. Her jackets and scarves make for a perfect gift to warm up the Michigan winters. 


No pictures to show


Sharon Smithem Acrylic/Oil/Mosaic


No pictures to show


Patricia Townsend

Pastel // Whitehall, MI

Marilyn Troutman 


Amy Wilkinson 

Sculpture // Muskegon, MI

Amy was raised on the rocky shores and blueberry-barrens of New England, and grew up in a comfortably rural setting. Her formal training was in theatrical design and painting, earning a BFA from SUNY at Purchase.She then pursued the city life- working creatively in NYC and DC for many years conjuring scenery for Theater, Opera and Ballet.

She was then drawn to Central Florida in 1990 by the movie and television industry, adding many feature length films and TV shows to her credits. In 1997 she founded an artistically driven company with which she performed a wide array of projects including stage design, sculpture and murals both for major themeparks, public spaces and corporations.

As Amy’s artistic journey visits new ports, classical and representational sculpture in bronze has given way to an exploration of the fringes of female iconography with a sometimes irreverent nod to antiquity and craft, mixing old and new materials and technologies. She also enjoys painting trips “au plein air” (french for “in the weeds”), capturing flora and fauna with paintbrush or pastels.

Amy now resides in Western Michigan along with her cats, dogs, horse and one very understanding Husband.


No pictures to show


Chester Winowiecki 

Pottery // Whitehall, MI


Dave Worfel 

Watercolor // Rockford, MI

Dave Worfel is primarily a self-taught artist and photographer who resides in Rockford, Michigan. In addition to much self-instruction and experimentation, he’s taken print making, watercolor, and life/figure drawing classes at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

Worfel is involved with Urban Sketchers Midwest, making numerous posting to the group’s Facebook page. He’s also an invited correspondent on the Urban Sketchers Midwest web site. He’s done watercolor illustrations for Kalamazoo Michigan’s Air Zoo aircraft museum. His marine photography work has appeared on covers of “Good Old Boat” magazine.

Worfel works primarily with ink and water color but also does graphite sketches and at times combines all three mediums in a particular work. His subjects cover a wide range and can best be described as “anything of interest. “ 

Steve Wright 

Porcelain Crystalline Pottery // Muskegon, MI

Steve Wright, a West Michigan native, had plenty of exposure to painting, drawing, clay and kilns as a son of an artist. He now works in crystalline pottery, a magical process that crosses science and art. small crystals in the glaze expand and explode under the high heat creating a unique and unpredictable pattern. Every glaze color has its favorite temperature and hold times and its particular recipe and number of layers required to create these little gems. This means that every kiln opening is like Christmas and Graduation Day, all in one. The continuous challenge of creating an environment in which Nature performs such beauty drives his desire to continue. 

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