Artist in Residence

The Arts Council of White Lake is a 33-year-old non-profit that serves to encourage, initiate, and facilitate an enriched artistic, cultural and creative environment throughout the White Lake community. Through services such as art education, concerts, lessons, and a flourishing gallery we are able to promote and support the arts in the surrounding Whitehall and Montague area. The Nuveen Art Center is located in the center of Whitehall, MI and is the home of our gallery and classrooms.

Thanks to the support of the White Lake Fund of the Muskegon Community Foundation we are excited to offer a new opportunity for local artists. We will be offering an 8-week residency, starting the week of September 10, which will immerse and introduce a practicing artist to the White Lake Community. A $3,000 stipend will be rewarded to the participating artist with the completion of the 8-week program. The artist will enrich the lives and artistic vision of local students through a public lecture, in-school workshops, and a space making project.

Artist is responsible for the following during the duration of the program.
Two 2-hour classroom art workshops, in local public schools

The artist will design and implement a lesson that teaches students about their art process or content. The artist will work with the ACWL Director to prepare for and schedule two school visits. Artist may design lesson to fit any age group, but should result in enriching age appropriate instruction and learning experiences.

One workshop for Health West clients

The artist will teach one workshop for Health West Clients. Health West serves the needs of adults and youth with developmental disabilities. The ACWL partners with this organization to offer moments of growth, discovery and therapy through art. The selected artist will work directly with a group of adults and their support staff during an hour and a half workshop at the Nuveen Center.

A public lecture on agreed upon topic

The artist will make a public presentation on a topic of their choice on TBA at 7pm. It should pertain to their work/process, the contemporary art world, or art in a larger sense. The lecture should be roughly an hour and be followed by a question and answer session.

Community project to be completed with a group of 15-25 students

The artist will meet with a group of students once a week for 8 weeks, day of the week to be decided by artist. The students will help with the design and creation of the public piece. The tentative budget and proposal for this piece should be submitted with application. This project should be a permeant public installation of some regard (i.e. mural, sculpture) Familiarity with the community and location of final piece is not required at the time of proposal. ACWL staff will help with location suggestions.

Exhibition of artist’s work

We have an opening in our exhibit schedule in which the artist can display a selection of their work. The exhibit will run from September 11 until October 20. A reception will be held on Thursday, September 13 from 5-7pm.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Age 18 or older
• Ability to work with children and artists of all abilities
• Michigan resident, preferably residing in West Michigan
• Project management skills
• Experience preparing and following a budget

Application Schedule:
Deadline to apply: August 4, 2018
Notification to applicants: August 8, 2018
If Selected:
Material list for classes and public installation due: August 22, 2018
Beginning of Residency: week of September 10, 2018
Exhibit: September 11- October 20, 2018
Lecture: TBA, 7pm
Completion of Public Installation: week of November 3, 2018

Application Procedure:
If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit these items to by midnight on August 4, 2018
• Resume or CV
• Personal bio
• Five examples of work
• Proposal for community project including budget

Selection Process:
One artist will be chosen from all applicants by a jury of local artists, educators, and ACWL staff.

We consider the following criteria below when reviewing applications as the primary guide for decisions. However, other factors may contribute to final decisions.
• Quality of craftsmanship and content of art work images presented
• Appropriateness of art and creation for the Center and White Lake area
• Relevance to today’s global community
• Artworks ability to inspire conversation
• Artist’s experience working with youth and individuals of all abilities

For questions about this opportunity, or to learn more about the selection process, contact Chelsea Kirksey, 
(231) 893-2524.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Leonard and Edna K. Blomdahl Fund, advised by the White Lake Community Fund of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

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