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William Randall

Known for his bright colors and bold exploration of art materials Bill Randall's work never seizes to challenge . He has exhibited at the Muskegon Art Museum and ArtPrize, and has been a supporter of the arts in West Michigan.

Jay Luptak

Jay Luptak, digital photographer and Whitehall resident, combines wardrobe design and technically profound digital manipulation to create seamless images. Her work explores the complexity of relationships and the concept of self through a unique visual narrative.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson has been creating pottery for over forty years and has made his home in Whitehall. Widely known as 'Peter the Potter' his work has become a staple and collectors item of the west michigan art scene.

Casey Bemis

Casey Bemis is a multi talented Whitehall based artist. Her work, inspired by nature, spans from paintings to metal work.

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Sara Jane Fellini, a local batik artist, demonstrates methods and techniques for this ancient art form. Batik is a process of painting on fabric using wax and dyes. The wax resists and preserves colors, allowing the artist to create their own masterpiece. 

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